Some of the region’s best young tech talent is about to become available following Plymouth Science Park training provider BIT Training’s Skills Bootcamps.

The training, which is due to finish in March, will be delivering over 100 highly trained and market ready individuals into a South-West jobs market that badly needs high calibre IT skills and technical knowhow. Best of all these candidates come with no associated recruitment fees.

The biggest single issue facing the IT industry today, is that there’s a significant skills gaps that desperately needs to be filled and the only threat to the sector is that ‘demand’ is outstripped by ‘supply’. One region that suffers more than most is the South-West with companies across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset searching for qualified talent to fill positions.

That’s where BIT Training comes in. They train, nurture and prepare the IT workforce for a future in this exciting industry, producing talented individuals that are fully trained and ready to go. If you imagine that almost every company operates with a degree of IT support, then you start to understand why demand is high right now.

The beauty of BIT Skills Bootcamps is that they combine learning and real-world experience. All of the courses are delivered by established, industry experts. They are about as far removed from ‘tickbox learning’ as is possible and it means that all candidates exit the course with CompTIA and CertNexus certifications.

Commenting on the availability of the soon to be qualified candidates, Leandra Goncalves, Skills Bootcamp Project Manager of BIT Training, said: “It is widely accepted that the South-West has a very serious IT skills shortage. The type of shortage that we’ll start to see the impact of within the next year or two. But if that’s the problem then the solution is the raft of trained candidates that BIT Training will be putting out into the jobs market in the coming weeks and months. Anyone wishing to talk to us about these candidates should get in contact.”

For more information on recruiting from the Skills Bootcamp, call 01752 724000, email or visit