Disruption Works helping Age UK partners to be smarter service providers for our ageing population.

Chatbots are superb for saving resources and providing an excellent customer experience where conventional means are struggling with volumes of simple queries and journeys that could be self-service.

Charities are no exception in this and indeed they need to be even smarter when spending their precious donations and funding revenue.

Disruption Works have turned their attention to the charity sector and are proud to be working with the team at Age UK Norwich on the design and build of a new member of their team Dan the Helpbot (First draft name!)

This chatbot is designed to help with not just client enquiries (the older) people that they support) but also their own internal volunteers and health and social care professionals that want to access the support and information that the amazing team at Age UK Norwich provide.

The chatbot not only expands their service, reach and support, but is also aimed at providing routes to increasing campaign engagement, as well as donations into the charity. In addition, as an innovative approach to delivering the service, it has lined the charity up to attract other funding opportunities.

Providing technology for good, Disruption Works is delivering this solution with Age UK partners in mind, so that the more the platform is used across the partner network, the further reduced the cost is, increasing the already impressive ROI for the whole service.

Therefore, where there are charities that are struggling to keep up with their incoming enquiries and are looking for alternative support for donations and funding, then a chatbot partner like Disruption Works seems like a good idea.

So, keep an eye out for Dan the Helpbot as he offers a helping hand for those that need it most, when they need it most.