As a vibrant community of innovators working alongside each other in the region’s largest science and technology centre, Plymouth Science Park offers a unique opportunity for organisations to come together to network, collaborate, and support each other.

UX web design agency Made with Maturity, established at Plymouth Science Park in 2015, have worked with other tenants on various digital projects, including Gathering Momentum, an independent CRM consultancy based at the Park.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, national training course provider Ecology Training UK Ltd had to pivot from face-to-face courses to online training, turning to Made with Maturity to design and build a new website to list and sell their courses online.

Made with Maturity created their new platform on WordPress, then turned to their neighbour, Gathering Momentum, to set up an end-to-end, fully automated system for booking and managing sales, payments, webinars, and certificates.

Rob Perry, Managing Director at Gathering Momentum, said: “Working with Made with Maturity was very collaborative throughout the whole process. We used the website and platform they had already built, and worked alongside their team to understand what could be automated into a new CRM system.”

Ben Stirling, Co-Founder at Made with Maturity, said: “Partnering with Gathering Momentum allowed us to offer a complete end-to-end service to the client, covering everything from the initial website design through to their sales, communications and much more. Working together at Plymouth Science Park has made it easy to set up meetings, pop into each other’s offices to discuss things, and has ultimately made the whole process smooth-sailing for both us and Ecology Training.”

Sue Searle, Principal Ecologist at Ecology Training UK Ltd, said: “Our new website and CRM system mean we can now track all our courses and students easily, allowing us to manage everything from assigning course content to a student to reporting and analysing data. We can also manage our email marketing and communications with students and prospects through the CRM, keeping everything within one system. We can now run a mixture of face-to-face and online training with ease, allowing students to access a wider range of courses in a way that suits them.”

Gathering Momentum and Made with Maturity have continued to work with Ecology Training to keep the website updated, and collaborate on other automation projects within the system.


The Gathering Momentum and Made with Maturity teams enjoy an axe-throwing day!