Plymouth Science Park start-up Constant Edge has reached a milestone of protecting over 25,000 users around the world with their email protection suite. 

Constant Edge offers email security designed for businesses of all sizes, combining advanced, multi-layered protection at the gateway, with powerful protection inside the email inbox. Constant Edge is headquartered at Plymouth Science Park, with remote teams based in Edinburgh and Florida.

The email security provider’s customer base has increased five-fold over the past six months since the launch of their new brand, and the team are now protecting over 25,000 mailboxes across more than 190 direct clients. These include organisations across all industries, from start-ups to large enterprise organisations such as Align JV, a globally leading infrastructure firm working on the HS2 high-speed railway project.

Craig MacAlpine, CEO and founder at Constant Edge, said: “We launched Constant Edge to help organisations deal with one of the most common, but most harmful security challenges of today: email threats. When over 90% of data breaches begin with an email, it’s clear a new approach is needed to protect teams and their customers. Constant Edge delivers that approach.”

CEO Craig MacAlpine has over 20 years of experience in the email security industry. Prior to Constant Edge, Craig founded EPA Cloud, a leading email security provider which was acquired by ZiffDavis Inc (formerly J2 Global) in 2013 and is now operated as the VIPRE Email Security platform. 

Constant Edge is set apart by its multi-layered email security platform. It combines a market-leading email security gateway platform, which detects and prevents advanced email threats before they can be delivered to users, with an advanced, AI-based solution that works inside the email inbox to automatically detect and remediate internal threats.

Jacob Duane, Chief Technology Officer and Lead Information Security Engineer at Constant Edge, said: “Our technologies are designed to catch sophisticated threats missed by legacy email security solutions. Our phishing detection algorithms are designed specifically to catch the threats missed by Microsoft and Google.”

Fay Davies, Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park, said: “We are excited to see Constant Edge reach this remarkable milestone of protecting 25,000 users. Since the company first launched as a start-up in 2016, the team has expanded to support their growing service offering, and it’s fantastic to see them working with clients around the world.”

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