With thanks to funding from regional and local authorities, there is now a real wealth of free, high quality digital training, advice and support for businesses and charities based in Devon.

Organisations can benefit from up to 12 hours of digital training and support right now, which can include digital training workshops and one-to-one advice. A team of Digital Business Advisors can review your website and explain how to get more visitors and boost sales; show you how to reach new markets with digital marketing; and, advise you on the best software to improve your productivity and save time.

Cosmic, an award-winning Digital Skills training provider based in East Devon, has been commissioned to deliver  digital training and advice to businesses across Devon over the next 18 months.

 A broad range of high-quality, digital skills training is available right now.

There is an extensive range of valuable digital training workshops designed to increase your digital skills and know how. Topics include:

·        Developing Your Digital Marketing

·        E-Commerce

·        Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation

·        Staying Cyber Secure

·        Productivity, Collaboration and Remote Working with MS365


Cosmic also provide 1:1 digital skills training and advice tailored specifically to your business’s needs.  


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