Build your understanding of green hydrogen and how it can support business and industry. The transition to net zero is a complex journey and this event aims to explore green hydrogen as one of the potential pathways. Hear from those in industry currently utilising this carbon neutral fuel in a variety of settings.
Green hydrogen is one of the less well-known clean energy solutions, yet it has a multitude of uses across sectors. In particular, it is recognised as a good solution for difficult to decarbonise activities such as heavy industry, domestic and industrial heat and heavy-duty transport, where it is not practical to electrify as batteries do not meet their high power needs.
The production of green hydrogen does not create greenhouse gases and it is hoped that, as it becomes more widely used, the cost of production will reduce. Excess electricity produced by renewables at peak times can be used to create hydrogen, creating a fuel source that can be used later from energy that would otherwise be lost.
During this speaker event, you will be hear from representatives of several companies who are developing innovative applications for green hydrogen.
This in-person event will be held at the University of Plymouth, however if you wish to join online, there is the option to join via Zoom.