Plymouth Health Innovation

The Plymouth Health Innovation Alliance (PHIA), is hosting an exciting virtual event this Thursday, 17th of June, to expand knowledge on Alliance. 

PHIA is a partnership of academic, business, local authority and NHS organisations, who’s mission is to maximise opportunities for all health-related innovation, business growth, research and inward investment. 

This upcoming event will help connect you with the Health Innovation cluster in Plymouth and teach you how you can engage with the Alliance Network. 

It will give support to access relevant infrastructure and resources, for example, from the University of Plymouth Peninsula Medical School and Health Tech Innovation, which are just a mere few for the organisations, in which you will benefit from. 

With this event being free, it’s a huge opportunity for people who are wanting to learn more about Alliance, and what better way than through inspirational speakers. 

To learn more and to get involved, click here: Accelerating Health Innovation – University of Plymouth