The Plymouth Business School brings you two seminar series this July, bringing together a wide range of industry professionals to talk around two key areas. The Circular Economy and Resilience in Uncertain Futures. Each one hour seminar will feature industry professionals talking about these key topics and the relevance to their roles and industry, as well as the opportunity to ask questions. 

We live increasingly in a world where rapid technological, social, economic and cultural change is leading to greater uncertainty.  How do individuals and organisations cope and respond?

Resilience, the ability to recover from challenges quickly is central to individual wellbeing, our ability to carve out a career path and for organisations to first survive and then thrive.

These sessions will offer practical guidance and inspiration to students and those recently graduated on how they can successfully adapt to change.  It will also help managers and employers understand how their organisations can successfully evolve. Our five speakers will explain how they have been resilient in very different circumstances, and offer the lessons they have learnt that can be applied by individuals and organisations.

There will be a Question and Answer session where you will have the opportunity to ask how you or your organisation might become more resilient.

All sessions are held from 12:00 to 13:00. Please register your place via the above link.

  • Monday 20 July: Resilience in business
  • Tuesday 21 July: Resilience in the face of adversity in the hospitality sector
  • Wednesday 22 July: Responding to an uncertain future with star employees – views from an individual employee
  • Thursday 23 July: Resilience of entrepreneurs under continuous crises – evidence from conflict zones
  • Friday 24 July: The art of being unprepared – why improvisation is a must-have skill as we move forward