Barclays’ ‘How Emerging Tech can Create an Unique Smile and Reduce Anxiety’ event is on September 21st between 07:00 pm to 08:15 pm.

Modern technology and Artificial Intelligence now allows us to create beautiful bespoke smiles. Dr Manish will talk through the process of Smile designing and how you can TEST DRIVE your smile with a simple process in a dental practice.

This unique technique is now being performed within advanced Dental practices in the UK and is very easy and affordable.

Virtual Reality has the power to engage and educate in new and novel ways. In this event you will explore VR as an educational tool to engage with patients, reduce anxiety and help them understand why looking after your teeth is important. Training and development also stands to benefit from including VR and case studies of how it’s being used now, as well as the future landscape will also be covered.

There will be an overview of the hardware and software currently available that covers everything from thousands of pounds to less than the cost of a pint.

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