The Plymouth Business School brings you two seminar series this July, bringing together a wide range of industry professionals to talk around two key areas. The Circular Economy and Resilience in Uncertain Futures. Each one hour seminar will feature industry professionals talking about these key topics and the relevance to their roles and industry, as well as the opportunity to ask questions. 

The Circular Economy is an economic system that aims to ‘close the loop’ by eliminating waste and the continue use and re-use of resources.  It is more than environmental sustainability as it provides a framework for thinking that can help create business opportunities.  Our five speakers, from different sectors and perspectives, will offer their insights to what the Circular Economy is, how it operates and offer clear examples.  The sessions are designed to help businesses, non-for-profits and individuals make better use of resources and make significant changes in how they operate as individuals or organisations.  There will be a Question and Answer session where you will have the opportunity to ask how the Circular Economy might apply to your circumstances.

Monday 6th July – Guy Singh-Watson, Riverford Organic Farms
Tuesday 7th July – Helen Newcombe, DAVY J Sustainable Swimwear
Wednesday 8th July – Ben Rhodes, CBI with Laura Parry, Princess Yachts and Martin Dorey and Nicky Green The 2 Minute Foundation
Thursday 9th July – Peter Gorton, Award winning chef and Peter Gorton Consultant Hospitality Services
Friday 10th July – Reniera O’Donnell, Ellen MacArthur Foundation