In their webinar, they explain how to prepare compelling pitches and get funding.


Finding the right investor and convincing them to fund you could mean the difference between your business’ success or failure.

When the opportunity comes, you need to be ready to:

  • Give investors the information they really need
  • Convince them that their investment is safe and will bring them the returns they demand
  • Ensure they really understand what they are investing in

For businesses that are serious about raising equity finance, and want to make sure that they present themselves in the most professional way possible, this webinar is a must.

Our “wooing investors “ webinar will:

  • Give you an insight into what investors are really looking for and how they assess the “investability” of your business.
  • Help you develop a compelling pitch that not only describes your business to the best effect – but also creates interest and overcomes investor concerns.
  • Help your proposition stand out from the rest.

At the end of the Webinar, you will have an understanding of:

  • What investors are really looking for
  • How to make your business attractive to investors
  • How to construct a pitch deck
  • The information you need before you even begin to look for investment

Who should participate in the webinar?

  • High-growth innovative SMEs that are looking for equity based investment

After the webinar, fully funded support from Innovate UK EDGE will be available to eligible businesses, including:

  • One to one support on identifying suitable investors
  • Help developing compelling investor pitches
  • Access to information sources to help develop your proposition and identify opportunities

Innovate 2021 webinar series

This webinar is part of Innovate UK EDGE’s ‘Innovate 2021’ series on supporting growing and scaling businesses.

We’ll also be covering the bespoke support available from Innovate UK EDGE and how our innovation and growth specialists can help your business build on its internal strengths and capabilities, find new opportunities and access funding and finance. Click here to view details and register for other webinars.


Ed Tellwright is an Access to Finance specialist at Innovate UK EDGE in the South West of England

Ed has spent his career working with private investors, business angels and venture capital firms, and has held roles at the South West Angel Investment Network (SWAIN) , raising over £70m in investment for SW businesses.

In 2019 Ed helped raise over £1m in investment for businesses at Pitchfest – Innovate UK Edge’s flagship investment event.