The Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership is fully funding advice to help businesses in Somerset and Devon navigate these very challenging times and build a plan to ensure your Company’s future success.

The Covid crisis has presented opportunities as well as challenges and businesses taking advantage of those opportunities will be the success stories of the future. 

This funded support offers several options. You can access these at no cost to you.

  1. A video looking at the issues to think about in creating a successful plan
  2. A webinar which will address relevant issues in an interactive way
  3. If you have 5 employees or more, a virtual one to one meeting with a business expert to talk through issues you are facing and create a plan moving forwards

Whichever option or options you choose, Inspire will be addressing the following issues:

  1. Why and how our world will be very different coming out of the crisis
  2. Expected shifts in consumer behaviour and opportunities for businesses
  3. How different industries will be impacted
  4. Creating a bespoke plan on “what to do now”

To find out more about Inspire and to access this free support visit: