The latest specialist company to relocate to Plymouth Science Park has been announced.

Scarlet PL provides specialist tools and software for use in the worldwide oil and gas industry for the likes of Schlumberger and Halliburton.

The engineering firm builds specialist compact and low-cost production logging tools and software to support logging engineers, who service and maintain oil wells.

Engineer and serial entrepreneur Colin Tattersall, Founder, Director and CEO of Scarlet PL, developed the tool which features 12 sensors that measure physical properties in oil wells such as temperature, flow rate, fluid density & gamma radiation. The tool, which is smaller, cheaper and more compact than anything currently on the market, enables logging engineers to better understand oil well performance and make corrections to improve the efficiency of oil extraction.

The move to Plymouth Science Parks offers Scarlet PL an abundance of facilities in one place as well as the ability to work alongside other high-tech engineering firms.

Colin Tattersall commented: “The team at Scarlet PL are constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve our technology to deliver the best solution for engineers. We are looking forward to establishing ourselves at Plymouth Science Park, which offers a high-tech working environment that reflects our company ethos and work.”

The Production Logging Tool developed by Scarlet PL is a marker of their success and is considered to be half the size, half the price and twice the performance of similar products on the market.

The facilities and like-minded business environment at Plymouth Science Park are not all that Scarlet PL hope to utilise. The firm collaborated with the University of Plymouth on two high tech projects; A Materials Characterisation Project supported by the European Regional Development Fund to develop their cutting-edge technology using the University’s electron scanning services. And also the development of a high performance telemetry system. Both projects were key to developing the highly robust and durable products.

Colin Tattersall hopes that the move to Plymouth Science Park will enable further collaboration between Scarlet PL and the University of Plymouth, and that as Scarlet PL continues to grow, career opportunities for highly skilled graduates will be available from their base at Plymouth Science Park.

Fay Davies, Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park said: “Scarlet PL are an ambitious technology-focused firm with aspirations to expand and evolve. We are delighted to welcome them to Plymouth Science Park where they can reap the benefits of being part of a like-minded business community and collaborations with the University of Plymouth.”

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