This summer Joint Hospital Group (South West) joined Plymouth Science Park as a new tenant.

JHG (SW) is one of five Joint Hospital Groups within the Defence Medical Services. The Defence Medical Services is made up of the Royal Navy Medical Services, Army Medical Service and the Royal Air Force Medical Service whose role is to promote, protect and restore the health of the UK armed forces to ensure they are medically fit and ready to go where they are required worldwide.

The Unit has been embedded within University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust since 1995 after the closure of the Royal Naval Hospital Stonehouse. There are military medical personnel working within Derriford Hospital and the Cumberland Centre in a variety of medical roles.

The HQ element of the Unit are now based at Plymouth Science Park, supporting approximately 150 clinical staff working in the hospital and preparing for deployment around the world. Currently JHG(SW) have personnel on HMS Queen Elizabeth, supporting the medical element of Op Fortis, as well as personnel in Cyprus.

If you see any Military personnel at the Park feel free to stop and have a chat!