This is a quick breakdown of the current and up-and-coming funding opportunities available, provided by non-dilutive funding experts Granted Consultancy.

Health & Life Science projects are a prominent component of the non-dilutive funding landscape, so we’ve picked out some key opportunities to support the feasibility and deployment of medical projects and technologies.

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Innovate UK SMART Grants:
May 2021

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UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £25 million for game-changing and commercially viable R&D innovation that can significantly impact the UK economy.

Your proposal must demonstrate a clear game-changing, innovative, disruptive, and ambitious idea leading to new products, processes or services. Your proposed idea should be significantly ahead of others in the field and set for rapid commercialisation.

This competition is open from 28/05/21.
Project costs: £25k-£2m

Deadline date: 25/08/21


Biomedical Catalyst 2021:
Early and Late Stage Awards

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The aim of this early and late-stage competition is to enable businesses to create a data package that can support the further development of their products.

Your project can address:

  • Disease prevention and proactive management of health and chronic conditions
  • Earlier and better detection and diagnosis of disease, leading to better patient outcomes
  • Tailored treatments that either change the underlying disease or offer potential cures

Project costs: £250k-£4m

Deadline date: 26/08/21


AI in Health & Care Award Round 3

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The AI in Health and Care Award supports AI technologies across the spectrum of development, from initial feasibility to evaluation within clinical pathways in the NHS and social care settings, to the point that they could be nationally commissioned.

Phases 1 and 2 aim to create a pipeline of products, interventions and services that are ready for wider testing. Key areas of focus for Phases 3 and 4 include:
  • Triage
  • Imaging
  • Screening
  • Intelligent operational automation.

Project costs: £500k-£7m

Deadline date: 06/09/21


NHS Future Hospitals Initiative 

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This opportunity is aimed at fostering activities bringing space technology that contributes towards shaping the NHS Future Hospital project initiative.

Project activity may include products and services addressing:
  • Logistical aspects (e.g. track and trace of goods, smart transportation)
  • Improved patients reach (e.g. tele-rehabilitation, tele-homecare)
  • Space-derived diagnostic tools (e.g. imaging and monitoring solutions)
  • Diagnostic collaboration networks (e.g. Artificial Intelligence assisted diagnostic service, transportable point of care solutions)

Of the project costs: 50-80%

Deadline date: 30/09/22


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