What sets the very best footballers apart from the rest?

According to Mark Bowden, the director of Mark Bowden Ltd (trading as Top Form Global), the latest tenant to move to Plymouth Science Park, it’s not about ability, but about being able to perform at your peak level consistently.

Mark is  one of the most trusted mental performance experts in the modern game and the best-selling author of ‘Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game’. His company, Top Form Global, helps professional footballers to effectively train and condition their thoughts and behaviours, enabling them to perform consistently on the football pitch.

Mark explained: “It still surprises me that even at the highest levels in football, players are not given the resources to condition their brains. Top clubs have incredible sports science facilities to help players’ bodies to perform at their very best. However, the control centre (the brain) is often overlooked. Top Form Global provides the resources needed for players to train their brains.

“The move to Plymouth Science Park comes as the business continues to expand and as we work on new resources for our clients including an online training programme. We’re looking forward to being surrounded by dynamic businesses and like-minded people based at Plymouth Science Park, who are striving to take their businesses forward and make an impact in their field.”

Plymouth Argyle footballer and client of Top Form Global, Conor Grant said: “Mark has been brilliant to work with. He is very knowledgeable in his work and we have covered a lot of things in a short space of time, he has opened my eyes to new techniques and perspectives which have helped me on and off the pitch”.

Business development manager at Plymouth Science Park, Fay Davies said: “Top Form Global have identified that it is often not sporting ability holding people back, but their mindset. We are delighted to welcome Mark Bowden to the park and look forward to watching the business continue to expand and offer more products and services to professional players.”

Discover more about Mark Bowden Ltd: https://topform.global