Moortec today announced an addition to its deeply embedded monitoring portfolio, the Distributed Thermal Sensor (DTS) on TSMC N5 process technology.

Moortec’s highly granular DTS offers a 7x area reduction in comparison to some standard in-chip thermal sensor solutions, and also supports high accuracy measurement across a wide temperature range at enhanced conversion speeds. With over a decade of experience of delivering advanced node thermal sensing solutions for the SoC community, DTS strengthens the company’s position as the go-to leaders for innovative in-chip technologies.

As geometries scale toward 5 nano-meter and below, designers are facing major challenges to provide reliable, power efficient and speed optimized chip designs. Thermal activity can be unpredictable and if not monitored carefully can cause over-heating and excessive power consumption which in turn impacts device longevity. The ability to make precise thermal measurements beside or within CPU cores, high speed interfaces or highly active circuitry has become a mandatory requirement for devices used within a range of application areas.

“We’ve seen a clear need for tighter thermal control of semiconductor devices,” said Stephen Crosher, Moortec CEO. “Multi-core architectures applied to AI, automotive, consumer and many other applications, benefiting from highly distributed sensing schemes to minimize system-level power consumption, optimize data throughput, and improve product lifetimes. We are confident that this extension to Moortec’s portfolio will enable our customers to maximize the performance of their silicon and further strengthen the long-term collaboration we have with TSMC.”

“We are pleased with the result of our cooperation with Moortec in developing this new thermal sensing solution on the most advanced TSMC N5 process,” said Suk Lee, senior director of the Design Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC. “Our long-term partnership with Moortec will enable designers to achieve silicon success with the leading-edge solutions benefiting from the significant power and performance boost of TSMC’s newest technologies.”

Moortec is now at the forefront of providing deep insights to the mission-mode operation of many high technology products, supporting in-field telemetry, analytics and product-level optimization solutions. The DTS technology design kit was made available in early 2020 and has already been licensed to several major customers.