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Plymouth Science Park has welcomed the Atkins Transport Division to its thriving South West business community. 

A member of the SNC Lavalin Group, Atkins is a global design, engineering and project management consultancy which employs over 19,000 people around the globe. Their mission is to connect people, data, and technology to transform the world’s infrastructure. The transport division is a £450m business with over 3,750 highly-skilled engineers. The Railway Communication and Information Systems and Rail Consultancy team has relocated to Plymouth Science Park, a strategic decision to provide employees with more flexibility and to encourage more collaborative ways of working with other businesses in the area.

The company’s railway communication and information systems and Rail Consultancy team will be based at the Park, working with clients across all major infrastructure sectors and bringing deep technical expertise to some of the world’s most ambitious infrastructure projects. Current projects include the Glasgow Subway, which is the first fully driverless Metro in the UK, and HS2, one of the most demanding and ambitious transport projects currently taking place in Europe. 

Plymouth Science Park are looking forward to welcoming Atkins to the already thriving community of engineering firms based at the Park.  

Andy Moore, Mass Transit Signalling Technical Director at Atkins said: “The move to Plymouth Science Park reinforces our commitment to offering our staff a more agile working environment. The team based at the Park will be contributing to a number of large-scale projects globally, around the UK, as well as in the local region to help accelerate delivery and connect communities in the area.” 

Fay Davies, Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park, said: “We are excited to be welcoming Atkins to the Park’s thriving community of engineering businesses already based here. We look forward to seeing the team grow and contribute to the Park’s expanding business community.” 

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