A new wave of IT and Information Security Trainees available to hire

This week, BIT Training makes available industry-ready tech talent in the South-West region. Forty trainees have completed an intense 12-week CompTIA and ITIL packed IT Skills Bootcamp or a British Computer Society Information Security focused Skills Bootcamp and now enter the market job-ready and with immediate availability. The best part is – there are no recruitment fees involved.

The industry’s most frequent challenge in the ever-evolving IT and Information Security landscape is finding experienced or trained talent to fill jobs. The South-West region, encompassing Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset, particularly feels this need for qualified talent to fill crucial positions. This is precisely where BIT Training steps in. BlueScreen’s mission continues to equip, nurture, and prepare the IT workforce for a future brimming with possibilities in this dynamic industry. BlueScreen’s training doesn’t just produce trainees; it prepares proficient individuals to contribute from day one.

Almost every company relies on some essential IT support and the need to protect their data, underscoring the soaring demand for skilled professionals. At BIT Training, they have taken this demand as an opportunity to develop Skills Bootcamps that seamlessly blend learning with real-world experience. Their Skills Bootcamp are not mere checkboxes; they are led by established industry experts who provide practical insights and wisdom. Trainees from their IT Skills Bootcamps exit with CompTIA, ITIL and CertNexus certifications, and their Info Security Trainees undertake BCS Certificate in Information Security Management Principles CISMP training, ensuring they possess tangible skills that industry leaders seek.

Leandra Goncalves, Skills Bootcamp Project Lead at BIT Training, commented, ” Throughout the past two and half years, BIT Training has empowered more than 400 individuals to cater to the demand for nurturing local talent, thereby contributing to the expansion of the South West Technology industry. However, the ultimate breakthrough stems from the cohort of highly skilled candidates that BIT Training is poised to introduce to the job market in the forthcoming weeks and months.”

BlueScreen invite you to contact them if you’re seeking highly skilled IT or Information Security professionals ready to thrive in your organisation. Their candidates are prepared to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced IT or Information Security environment, bridging the skills gap and propelling your business forward.

Learn more about BlueScreen’s transformative Skills Bootcamps  or contact the Skills Bootcamp team at 01752 724000 to schedule interviews.