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Joint Hospital Group (South West) (JHG(SW)) is the most recent organisation to make the move to Plymouth Science Park

The group is one of five tri-Service military Hospital Groups situated around the UK which generates doctors, nurses, and other health professionals and support staff, to enable them to rapidly deploy and provide the highest quality of healthcare both overseas and, more recently, within the UK.

Following a tumultuous year, where many staff have been deployed across the UK and overseas as part of the global fight against coronavirus, JHG(SW) are relocating their headquarters to Plymouth Science Park, in a strategic move to provide personnel with the direction, guidance, and support that they require.

The move to the Park will also enable JHG(SW) to build on and foster new relationships with local healthcare organisations and military units in the region.

JHG(SW) Commanding Officer, Surgeon Commander Joanna Keogh OBE Royal Navy, said “I am delighted that we are able to join the Plymouth Science Park community. This unique location will provide us with great facilities and a fabulous opportunity to interact with a wide range of local stakeholders in Plymouth while continuing to support our clinical personnel across the South West region”.

JHG(SW) joins a thriving health community already based at the Park, which is supported by the Plymouth Health Innovation Alliance, a partnership of academic, business, local authority, and NHS organisations, whose mission is to maximise opportunities for all health-related innovation, business growth, research, and inward investment. 

Dr Fay Davies, Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park, said: “JHG(SW) provides important healthcare support around the world when it is needed most, and it is a pleasure to welcome them to the healthcare professionals already based at the Science Park. We look forward to supporting them as they settle in and continue to deliver life-saving work.”

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