Plymouth Business School and iMayflower are offering an opportunity to access an intern to carry out a short term project for your business.  Interns are paid at a standard rate of £13/hour, up to a maximum of 38 hours per project (£494), which will be funded by Plymouth Business School and supported by iMayflower.

Example projects include:

·          Business Development Intern: To conduct market research to identify key prospects within a defined market

·          Communications Intern: To assess existing and draft new promotional content

·          Customer Service Intern: To critically evaluate current customer service delivery

·          Evaluation Intern: To conduct an impact study assessing the effect of organisational activity

·          Events Intern: To support with planning and management of a specific event, or work with you to develop plans for COVID era events

·          Fundraising Intern:  To identify funding sources, draft action plan for achieving funding goals, or focus on bid writing

·          HR Intern: To conduct an assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities, and devise an appropriate plan of activity

·          Learning & Development Intern: To create a basic system for monitoring mandatory compliance training

·          Marketing Intern: To conduct a strategic review or existing marketing activity suggesting new opportunities

·          Operations Intern: To identify improvements in supply chain

·          Research Intern: To devise and conduct data collecting projects of either secondary or primary sources

·          Social Media Intern: To analyse social media opportunities and create content

·          Sustainability Intern: To conduct an audit/plan of sustainability activity

If you are interested and would like more information contact Sarah Holcombe

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