Do you have an idea that would help your business or organisation move forward, but lack the resources in-house to make it happen? From October 2023, Plymouth Business School’s Virtual Internship Scheme will see current students and recent graduates from Plymouth Business School working on short term projects to benefit businesses and organisations, whilst improving their own employability.

The internships offer a fantastic opportunity for our students and graduates to demonstrate and develop their capabilities, whilst providing much needed additional capacity to businesses and organisations. Plymouth Business School’s students and graduates specialise in areas such as accounting and finance; business management; economics; human resources; marketing (including social media); shipping, logistics and operations; and tourism, hospitality and events.

Bringing an array of transferable skills and a fresh new perspective, they are capable of delivering internship projects in areas such as: 
• Business Development Intern: Conducting market research to identify key prospects within a defined market
• Communications Intern: Assessing existing and drafting new promotional content
• Customer Service Intern: Critically evaluating current customer service delivery
• Evaluation Intern: Conducting an impact study assessing the effect of business activity
• Events Intern: Supporting the planning and management of a specific event, or working with you to develop plans for new events
• Fundraising Intern:  Identifying funding sources, drafting action plans for achieving funding goals, or supporting on bid writing
• HR Intern: Conducting an assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities, and devising an appropriate action plan
• Learning & Development Intern: Creating a basic system for monitoring mandatory compliance training
• Marketing Intern: Conducting a strategic review of existing marketing activity and suggesting new opportunities
• Operations Intern: Identifying improvements in supply chain
• Research Intern: Devising and conducting data collecting projects of either secondary or primary sources
• Social Media Intern: Analysing social media opportunities, planning a strategy or creating content
• Sustainability Intern: Conducting an audit/plan of sustainability activity

The application process
Businesses and organisations wishing to access support through this scheme are required to provide a brief project proposal for the internship, providing an overview of the project, details of the anticipated time commitment and the type of skills they are looking for from the intern.

Applications will be accepted from 19th June 2023, and funding will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.  A maximum of 30 individual projects can be supported and funding will be withdrawn when the maximum allocation has been reached, with projects then being added to a reserve list and/or advised on alternative options.

Applications will be reviewed internally and you will be informed of the outcome promptly.  Internships will be awarded to those who have identified a project that is suitable for a Plymouth Business School student or graduate to deliver in 38 hours and which would contribute to their business development and growth.

From 25th September 2023, the 30 internship projects will be promoted to 2nd & 3rd year undergraduates, Masters students and 2022/2023 graduates within Plymouth Business School.  All student and graduate applications will be shared with the business (the Sponsor) who will be supported through the selection and management of their intern.

Projects will commence from October 2023 and must be completed by 13th February 2024.

To submit a project under the Plymouth Business School Virtual Internship Scheme, please complete the short form at the end of this document (Appendix B) and return to

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact: 
Sarah Holcombe, Knowledge Exchange Specialist

For questions concerning Plymouth Business School please contact:
Dr Nigel Jackson, Associate Head of Knowledge Exchange

Many of previous clients have continued to work with their intern on an ongoing basis.  Any company that continues to work with their intern beyond the initial 38 hours will be responsible for paying agreed costs for student time, materials and other costs directly associated with the project, above and beyond their allocated funding.