The Professional Entrepreneurial Mentoring programme matches students with a Business Mentor who are individuals from industry both alumni and non-alumni, all giving their time and knowledge to support undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students at the University of Plymouth.

The programme is open to current UK students at the University, due to Visa restrictions Overseas students are unable to participate.

Students and Mentors work together over six months with a minimum four contact points. These contact points can be face to face, telephone calls, email conversations or via an online platform such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

Student applications are open throughout the academic year and you can join the programme at any time.

Have questions? Unsure if this is for you? Book a Self-employment / Business Start-up advice and support 1:1 appointment on the appointment calendar on myCareer.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to all UK current undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students. You must have a business idea that you are looking to start and develop whilst studying or have an already trading business that you are working on alongside your studies.

What do I gain as a student?

The opportunity to access 1:1 support from a business professional with sectoral knowledge and business skills that are matched to your needs. The mentoring relationship is based around an action plan that you develop so you get the opportunity to look at the issues that you want to address to take your idea or business forward.

The Aims of the Programme

  • To encourage and empower students entrepreneurial development
  • To help students identify and achieve their entrepreneurial goals
  • To help students build confidence in their decision making
  • To help students identify and rectify gaps in their business knowledge
  • Support students with developing their professional network

Why be a mentor?

Claire Martin – Student Enterprise Manager

I know from working with business start-ups that that running or starting a business never plays out precisely as planned. When you hit a roadblock, small or large, mentors with business experience are likely have come across something similar before and know strategies to move forward.

Within this programme, expert entrepreneur mentors are matched to a student mentee to work one-on-one for 6 months. Once matched you will then meet your student mentee online or in person to work on their personal and business goals.

Students will go on to achieve outstanding results, from revising business plans and strategies to launching products, gaining confidence, building skills, improving financial systems, growing networks and more!

We have no set times within the academic year to join this programme, so as soon as you are ready sign up… what is there to lose, only knowledge that you have helped to shape a young entrepreneur to gain!

Any questions?

If you have any questions or queries please contact Denise Kellham, Student Engagement Coordinator.

The Cube business support 1:1 and workshop sessions can be found on myCareer