Scarlet PL specialises in production logging tools, used for monitoring measures such as the pressure, temperature and flow rate of oil and gas wells around the world.

Their Production Logging Tool is considered to be half the size, half the price and twice the performance of similar products on the market, and enables engineers to understand well performance, and improve the efficiency of oil extraction.

The team have been based at Plymouth Science Park since 2020, and have recently taken on another unit to expand their production capacity, following the company’s growth and increased sales.

Colin Tattersall, CEO of Scarlet PL, said: “It’s been a strong year for Scarlet PL, and we’re excited to be taking production to the next level to continue supplying our customers with our range of robust, cost-effective tools.

“Having the flexibility to grow into bigger spaces is one of the key benefits of being a tenant at Plymouth Science Park, and enables us to adapt to our customers’ demands. We are always looking for ways to offer even better solutions to engineers, and as part of that we will soon be exploring the Park’s 3D metal printing capability, to support our innovative product offering.”

Plymouth Science Park offers high grade 3D printing facilities on an industrial scale for rapid prototyping in a range of materials, including plastics and surgical grade metals. 

Ian McFadzen, CEO of Plymouth Science Park, said: “It’s exciting to see Scarlet PL’s growth over the past year, and into the future. We’re delighted to help support Colin and his team with larger facilities to help them meet increased demands, and continue to develop innovative, sector-leading products.”


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