Metalectrique Technologies (MAL) is a research and development company working to revolutionise the electric vehicle sector, and provide long range, affordable, green power packs to power the future of clean mobility. The team’s research has been focused on developing sustainable and efficient energy solutions, and they have developed a fully recyclable, eco-friendly way to power electric vehicles using aluminium.

Aluminium boasts nine times the energy density of lithium, resulting in cost-effective solutions at just 8p per mile. The batteries are lightweight, quick to swap, and can extend the range of electric cars without recharging. Importantly, they produce zero CO2 emissions, making them an eco-friendly alternative to petrol engines. The entire process is closed-loop, with end waste recycled through smelting.

Metalectrique’s Electric Van Project

Metalectrique Technologies is tackling climate change by aiming to drive their Electric Van 1000 miles before needing to refuel.

After five years of research and development at the Science Park, the team is preparing to enter the next phase, production, and are looking forward to working with other companies to bring their lightweight, compact, re-fillable power source to market.

“It’s an exciting time for MAL. We have recently received interest from a major organisation for supplying our batteries to power electric aircrafts, and plan on starting production next year. For other companies looking to power electric vehicles, this innovative solution is the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.” – Trevor Jackson, Chair

Being based at the Park has greatly facilitated MAL’s progress, offering the team an environment of innovation and research, as well as the flexibility needed to accommodate their growth into larger units, with a design office, R&D lab, and a garage for testing their battery-powered vehicles.

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