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EmbryoPhenomics is a University of Plymouth research group, founded by Dr Oliver Tills, the Park’s Researcher in Residence.

The team are developing the next generation of technologies for capturing the dynamic process of embryonic development in aquatic animals, applying new technology to some of the most pressing challenges in biology.

The impact of environment on aquatic embryos

EmbryoPhenomics are at the forefront of next-generation technologies for measuring animals’ responses to their environment during their embryonic development. They bring together robotics, 3D printing and AI to revolutionise the study of animals at the earliest stages of life. This innovative approach aims to move away from manual microscope-based observations, and embrace automation.

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Re:Cognition Health

Re:Cognition Health is delivering the global clinical trial for Lecanemab, a new Alzheimer’s drug which could be a breakthrough for future generations. Re:Cognition Health is one of the world’s leading clinics for delivering international clinical trials for Alzheimer’s and other causes of dementia.

Historic Alzheimer’s research

In trials, Lecanemab has been seen to slow the decline in participants, with a 27% reduction in the rate of progressive cognitive decline for those on Lecanemab compared to those on a placebo, in an 18-month trial.

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