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Step Into Action and Encourage Each Other to Become More Active
This year, Steptember has teamed up with buddyboost to bring you an even more inclusive and socially interactive challenge, that’s much easier to sign up to and take part in. The challenge will be based on consistent daily activity. The aim will be for you to buddy-up and create a team of six colleagues and for each of you to complete a minimum of 26 minutes of activity for 26 days in a row. Feeling confident? Why not try and be active every day until the end of September.
The buddyboost app provides a simple way for you to create your team, log your daily activity and encourage each other to become more active. Plus, any kind of physical activity counts towards your 26 minutes.
The challenge is all about encouraging you and your colleagues to be active daily, and together helping your workplace climb the leader board to be the most active in Plymouth.
Tell Your Friends
This year, Plymotion would love to make Steptember 2021 the biggest year yet. Please share this with all of your friends and colleagues in your workplace. What’s more, if you know of other workplaces in Plymouth that would been keen to join Plymouth’s biggest active workplace challenge, share this email with them too.
Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email from them in the week before the start of the challenge with everything you need to get started. In the meantime, please share and sign up page with your colleagues and other Plymouth-based workplaces.
Can Your Workplace be crowned the ‘Most Active Workplace’ in Plymouth?
Sign up today and let’s find out.

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