As well as benefiting from a world-class research, business and laboratory environment, tenants at Plymouth Science Park join a community of passionate and forward thinking specialists, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, scientists and engineers. An evolving ecosystem of ground-breaking innovation, it’s an exciting place to be and do business. Our experienced team understands what science and technology businesses need to grow and thrive. We provide a range of benefits to support our tenants which go way beyond bricks and mortar.

“We have been at the park for 3 years now, we have made some fantastic business connections. As our web design business is based primarily on relationships, just bumping into other tenants and keeping regular contact increases the opportunities to grow natural relationships and we can evidence specific business growth just by being here.”

Ben Stirling, Project Director at Made with Maturity Limited

PSP Perks

As well as on-site tenant benefits there are a number of Plymouth Science Park Perks on offer to tenant businesses which will make your life easier, save you money and make you smile. If you’re an employee at a Plymouth Science Park business check out PSP Perks here.


Discover PSP Perks

“We work with and support emerging entrepreneurs, University of Plymouth graduates and spin out companies, right through to fully-fledged high-growth national and international businesses.”

Fay Davies, Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park

Dr Fay Davies

Our tenants drive everything we do

Supporting our tenants is at the heart of the Park’s ethos. The Plymouth Science Park team helps facilitate collaborations between tenant businesses and the likes of The University of Plymouth, Plymouth City Council, The Plymouth Health Innovation Alliance, Brixham Laboratory, Plymouth City College, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, South West Academic Health Science Network and others.

“The flexibility of the Park really allows the growth potential of a business with one less thing to worry about.”

Dave Smith, Managing Director at Acronyms

Become part of a community

The Park offers a place of community for companies to become a part of. Our tenants connect with like-minded businesses through events, webinars, and social gatherings.

Wherever you are heading, find out if Plymouth Science Park is the dynamic environment to help you get there.

Contact us to discover more and to arrange a visit.