TruParity is a small company benefiting from the co-working facility and business support provided here at the Park, and provides business and technical consultancy in the areas of digital energy management, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, smart load control, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Due to steady growth and the opportunities presented by the University of Plymouth’s Degree Apprenticeship programme, TruParity has decided to take on a Technical Support Engineer apprentice. This allows TruParity to carefully and progressively delegate workload to the new staff member whilst relevant formal training takes place in parallel.

TruParity’s Director, Eric Taylor, was attracted by the PSP support for small businesses, and the suitability of the 4 year UoP Digital and Technology Solutions course with the Cyber Security specialism. “It provides an great foundation of knowledge for undertaking our work in this domain and will blend in progressively with the developing needs of our business. Having the excellent services of PSP together with this accessible UoP apprenticeship programme enables TruParity to grow and adapt in a way that would not otherwise be possible. PSP has been very supportive especially during the Covid disruption and I am delighted to be able to work more closely with the UoP to grow the company whilst also helping to support a young person receive quality training and professional development”.

Louise Crocker, Employer Relationships & Business Development Manager, at Central Apprenticeships Hub said, “Degree apprenticeships are designed to help employers, harness and focus the skills of emerging talent within their organisation whilst offering their employees an opportunity to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree qualification. They enable businesses to attract key talent, increase retention and productivity, and provide cost-effective and relevant training for either new recruits or existing staff.

The University of Plymouth works closely with all of our apprenticeship employer partners to design and develop apprenticeship programmes that are a solution to real business needs. Throughout delivery our teams work with the apprentices and employers to align the apprenticeship journey with the businesses objectives and long term goals, allowing employers to reap the full benefit from the application of the theoretical study directly into the working environment.”

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