Our tenant ancora Software, a global leader in Intelligent Process Automation solutions including Intelligent Document Classification and Advanced Data Capture, has announced that 44 organizations purchased its flagship ancoraDocs solution last month. ancoraDocs will enable these organisations to streamline and accelerate the classification and capture of documents and data, regardless of whether their staff works in the office or at home.

The announcement demonstrates ancora Software’s significant momentum in the fast-growing document capture space. These customers join the ranks of nearly 600 businesses, service bureaus and government entities worldwide that use ancoraDocs to process invoices and other documents. ancora Software’s customers include one of the largest invoice processing service bureaus in the U.S., and organizations across all industries, including manufacturing, financial, entertainment, services, and government.

“ancora Software is filling a much needed gap in the marketplace with a cost-efficient, accurate, and scalable solution for classifying and capturing documents and data,” commented ancora Software CEO Noel Flynn. “Our tremendous growth in a short period of time is a testament to the ancora Software team, our innovative document capture technology, and our tremendous strategic partner channel.”

The continued growth of ancoraDocs is further proof that organizations are looking for better ways to classify and capture the huge volume of paper and electronic documents and data that they receive. ancoraDocs is easy to deploy, configure, use, and maintain, and processes supplier invoices and other documents with exceptional speed and accuracy. ancoraDocs is available either on premises or as a true multi-tenant cloud service hosted by ancora Software on Microsoft Azure. The platform also can be deployed as a hybrid on-premises/cloud solution, using zero footprint browser-based clients.

“ancora Software is proud of the growth we have achieved this year,” said ancora Software Vice President of Sales and Marketing Nick Bova. “We’re helping organizations of all sizes classify and capture their documents and data more efficiently and accurately without the need for their staff to be in the office. These are challenges that no other document capture provider has been able to solve.”

ancoraDocs’ patented unassisted and assisted machine learning algorithms eliminate the need for document capture templates or a long, complicated setup. ancoraDocs can be deployed in hours or days, not the weeks or months required for traditional document capture solutions. ancoraDocs unassisted machine learning will capture the required data elements with no prior setup and then completes the learning based on user interaction with the software. This helps users achieve a faster time to payback. ancoraDocs also is ideal for small businesses, which have historically not been able to take advantage of automated document classification and data capture because of the significant costs of getting started.