Our tenant ancora Software, an innovative provider of Intelligent Process Automation solutions including Intelligent Document Classification and Data Capture, has announced that its flagship product ancoraDocs is now processing millions of invoices annually, that represents over $50 billion in annualised transactions.

The company now has over 600 customers worldwide and is on pace to grow its revenues by more than 20 percent in fiscal year 2021 while adding another 150 new customers by the end of the year. ancora Software’s document capture platform is used by businesses, service bureaus and other entities across six continents to process invoices and other documents. The platform has been deployed by organizations of all sizes, including one of the largest AP and invoice processing service bureaus in the United States, and across all industries, including manufacturing, financial, entertainment, services, and local government.

“ancora Software’s continued growth is a clear indication that businesses are prioritising the digitisation of their invoice processing and other financial processes,” said ancora Software CEO Noel Flynn. “Today’s announcement solidifies us as the choice document capture solution for businesses, service bureaus and other entities looking to modernize and scale their financial operations.”

“ancora Software is proud of our growing list of accomplishments,” said Nick Bova, vice president of sales and marketing for ancora Software. “Our tremendous growth demonstrates the value and unique positioning of our document capture platform and the strength of our strategic partner channel.”

ancoraDocs empowers organisations of all sizes to do more with less, even as staff work from home.    The company’s document capture platform is easy to deploy, configure, use, and maintain, and processes invoices and other documents with exceptional speed and accuracy. ancoraDocs is available either on premises or as a true multi-tenant cloud service hosted by ancora Software on Microsoft Azure. The platform also can be deployed as a hybrid solution, using zero footprint browser-based clients.

ancoraDocs’ patented unassisted and assisted machine learning algorithms eliminate the need for document capture templates or a long, complicated setup. ancoraDocs can be deployed in hours or days, not the weeks or months required for traditional document capture solutions. ancoraDocs learns based on user interaction with the software. This helps users start realizing the benefits of automation sooner and produces a faster time to payback. ancoraDocs also is ideal for small businesses, which have historically not been able to take advantage of automated document capture because of the significant costs of getting started.

About ancora Software
ancora Software, Inc. is an innovative provider of Intelligent Process Automation solutions including Intelligent Document Classification and Data Capture. Its flagship product, ancoraDocs, simplifies document capture. ancora Software’s patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help organisations eliminate costly manual steps in their business processes such as document classification, document analysis, manual data entry, and manual filing. Organizations using ancora Software achieve faster and less expensive business process automation and better controls over their mission-critical information. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, ancora Software maintains sales and support operations throughout North America and in the United Kingdom.

For more information about ancora Software, Inc. visit: http://www.ancorasoftware.com